Facilities & Equipment

Manufacturing Facility: Our modern manufacturing plant is located on a 25,000 Sq. Ft. Plot in Ahmedabad.

The Following Points highlight our Capabilities:

  • Metal Cutting : Fully Automatic CNC Band saw Machine. Cutting accuracy up to 0.1mm
  • Turning : Precision turning carried out on CNC machines. Accuracy maintain in bore up to 0.007mm. (0.0002”) Bore to face concentricity maintain within 0.010mm (0.0004”). High productivity with high accuracy maintain.
  • Grinding : In house facility of Cylindrical grinding, Internal grinding and surface grinding. Repeated accuracy achieved on internal grinder with desire bore surface finish. Capacity to grind 11mm bore to 180mm in 100mm length with different bore in step. Parallelism achieved on surface grinder is 0.007mm (0.0002”) with desire surface finish.
  • Hobbing : Number of high productive hobbing machine in operation for bulk production. Repeated accuracy achieved with high productivity. Pulley profile maintained with high class quality hob cutters of reputed make. Capacity to produce 6.00mm dia. Pulley to 500.00mm Dia. Pulley. Bore to O.D. run out maintain as per standard norms. In case of special requirement we can maintain up to 0.025mm (0.0001”)
  • Honing : Capacity of honing 3mm dia. to 63mm dia.
  • Drilling / Tapping : Drilling operation carried out with special jig fixture and tapping also carried out with special attachment for productivity and accuracy. Critical drilling and slot operation carried out on VMC machine.
  • Other Machines : Broaching Machine (Key way operation), Power press with precision dies for flanges, computerized marking machine.
  • Measuring Instruments : We have world class precision instruments ( Mitutoyo, Starrett, Baker etc.) for Quality Control.
    Some of Which include:

    • Digimatic Vernier
    • Digimatic micrometers
    • Split ball Bore gauge (2.70mm to 6.60mm)
    • Bore gauge 10mm to 300mm
    • Height gauge
    • Bench center
    • Air gauge
    • Profile projector (range 10 X and 20X)